Brighton Brooks

eCampus Academic Advisor for Current Students

Want to improve your online learning experience?

Brighton Brooks

eCampus Academic Advisor for Current Students

Want to improve your online learning experience?


The University of Alaska and other organizations offer a number of scholarships for online students.


Find Your Academic Advisor

I am here to support your eCampus needs but you also have an academic advisor based on your major.


Placement Exams

New students have to take placement exams before registering for some math, science and English courses.

Intro to Blackboard

Watch my Intro to Blackboard orientation. Use passcode 65k4kr=#.


Being a successful college student, especially if you’re taking online classes or completing a fully online degree, is not easy. I’ve been working with online students for a long time and researching success skills. Here are some things I’ve learned that will make your life easier.


Plan like a pro with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) goals. You’re far more likely to stick with a plan if your goals are relevant, short-term and very clearly defined. “Study more” is not a smart goal. “Study Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 6-8 p.m.” is better. “Study Chemistry and Art on Tuesday, Math and World Lit on Thursday, and Chemistry and Math again on Sunday from 6-8 p.m. at the library” is even better.

Fail Faster

This is my life motto. Failure is not who you are and is not a predictor of your future success. People are hard-wired to learn from their mistakes (think about a baby learning to walk). So go ahead and be courageous! You have the strength to overcome setbacks, and you have help from UAF eCampus when you need it.

Just Ask

There are so many under-utilized resources for students at UAF, but mind-readers is not one of them. We care about your success but may not know when you need help. Reach out to someone you trust as SOON as you need help. When in doubt, you can contact UAF eCampus Student Services and we’ll figure out the best person or resource to assist you!

Who You Gonna Call?

UAF eCampus Student Services, right? But seriously, knowing who is in your corner, someone(s) who can help you stay accountable and on track, is particularly crucial for students taking online courses. It can be a fellow classmate, coach, partner, parent, etc. Your academic advisor can also help. Either way, I urge you to find someone who can check in with you every week or so to help you stay motivated!

About Me

I grew up on the West coast but eventually moved to Alaska in 2000 to earn my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UAF. I stayed at UAF to earn a Master of Education in Counseling and now consider Fairbanks home along with my extended family. In 2017 I started teaching as well; you can now take Intro to Sociology or Modern Belly Dance with me on campus! Outside of work, I stay busy with various performing arts troupes and traveling across the country for additional dance training.