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Online, high-quality dual enrollment courses for Alaska's high school students

Alaska Advantage Students

The Alaska Advantage program encourages high school students to take high-quality online courses, offered by University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Alaska Southeast! These college courses will help you get a jump start on your college career and meet your high school requirements at the same time. Students who enroll in the Alaska Advantage Program will:

  • Get a solid introduction to college.
  • Earn credits that are accepted at UAF and UAS but can also be transferred to other institutions of higher education.
  • Save money!

UAF offers more than 100 General Education Requirement (GER) courses online. GERs are required for baccalaureate, associate of arts and associate of science degrees.

If this is your first time enrolling in a college-level course we recommend starting with one at a time. Learn more about dual enrollment at UAF.

Explore Alaska Advantage

  1. Talk to your parents and your high school counselor about this opportunity.
  2. Explore your summer 2024 course options. We are happy to help you with your course selection.
  3. Get approval from your school district to determine what course(s) will fulfill your high school credit.
  4. New students: Complete the High School/Dual enrollment application if you haven’t taken classes at UAF before.
  5. You may need to take a placement exam if you are enrolling in a course that has a specific writing and/or math placement requirement. All math courses require the ALEKS math placement and most science courses do as well. Contact us at 907-474-7412 if you have questions about placement.
  6. If you are under 18, have your parent/guardian complete this consent form. They will need to create a username and password to sign electronically. Or, they can use this PDF version of the consent form and email a signed copy to We won’t be able to register you for classes until this is received.
  7. Register for your class(es). Registration for the fall semester begins in April, spring semester begins in November and summer semester begins in February. Registering early will ensure your space in class.
  8. After receiving your registration confirmation and University of Alaska ID number, set up your student account. This is how you will access your online courses, the student portal UAOnline and your UAF email.
  9. Complete a FERPA release form if you would like us to be able to discuss any UAF-related records (including billing) with your parents/guardians. Your photo ID is required to complete this form and we do accept state IDs or a school ID.
  10. Find course materials including textbooks and open educational resources.
  11. Pay for your course(s) by the deadline. If your school is paying for your course(s), ensure that payment has been made before the deadline.

How do we pay?

It is the student’s responsibility to check their account balance at UAOnline. Tuition and fees must be paid before the UAF payment deadline. UAF does not mail bills or invoices but does send notices to the student’s email account. If a student officially drops a UAF eCampus course before the UAF add/drop deadline for that semester, the student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. If a school district or home school network is paying the student’s bill, students or parents need to contact their counselor or teacher and the UAF Bursar’s Office (907-474-7384) to ensure payment has been made.

How do students access their final grades and transcripts?

Students can access in-progress grades via the course Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas). Students can access final grades and unofficial transcripts via the student’s UAOnline account. All UAF grading policies and procedures are detailed in the UAF catalog. Grades are a permanent part of the student’s academic record at UAF and the final grade earned will be posted to the student’s UAF transcript. Academic letter grades (A-F) will be included in the student’s UAF grade point average computation (GPA). Some UAF courses are graded pass/no pass (P/NP) rather than academic letter grades.

How does course placement and test proctoring work?

Many courses require placement exams prior to course enrollment to determine student preparedness. If placement exams are required, the eCampus Advisor will contact both the student and the contact teacher. Some courses also require proctored exams or quizzes, which will be detailed in the course syllabus. Teachers, a local library or school staff can serve as proctors. If this is not an option for a student, we can help them identify an appropriate proctor. Family members and coaches cannot serve as proctors.

What accommodations are available for students with disabilities?

UAF eCampus will ensure courses are delivered in formats consistent with reasonably available assistive technology. Students can contact UAF’s Office of Disability Services to request accommodations and their office will work directly with eCampus once they have identified the appropriate accommodations. Disability Services can be reached at or 907-474-5655.

Where do students order books and/or lab materials?

Visit the UAF Bookstore. Use the “Find My Course Materials” section to enter your term and course and the system will show what materials are required. Students can order directly from the UAF Bookstore or from a different textbook provider by using the same ISBN number.

How do online labs work?

Students will order a lab kit through the UAF Bookstore or directly through the vendor. The kit will be safe for home use and has been designed specifically for our online courses.

Where can we find more information or assistance?

Fill out the form on this page or contact Michael Hevezi at or (907) 455-2048.

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Cost Savings

Students from participating school districts can take advantage of special pricing. Course cost is only $165 per credit (this does not include textbooks or other course materials). This is a savings of more than 40%!

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Why I Chose UAF

I chose to enroll in dual credit because it gave me the greatest bang for my buck. I was anxious to get into more in-depth studies as soon as possible and the flexibility of UAF eCampus allowed that. Higher education while knocking out high school credits, what is there not to like?

Dylan Burton

Student with IDEA Homeschool

Dylan Burton