Study climate change, coastal erosion and other critical issues of the circumpolar North at America’s Arctic university. The online master’s degree in Arctic and Northern studies brings together experts in history, political science, Alaska Native studies, anthropology, English and geography to offer you an educational experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You can also focus your degree in Arctic Politics and Policy or pursue an individualized concentration based on your specific research interests.

Who Is the Online Master’s Degree in Arctic and Northern Studies Designed For?

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world and communities are already experiencing the devastating effects of coastal erosion, sea ice melt, crumbling infrastructure resulting from melting permafrost, and the most destructive wildfires on record, while toxins accumulate within their traditional foods. This unique program is designed for students who want to tackle these important challenges, living and working in the North. It’s also a great option for students who enjoy cross-disciplinary research and learning, and are interested in careers that directly impact people and communities.

Why Earn Your Online Master’s Degree in Arctic and Northern Studies at UAF?

  • Study at the premier research institution in the circumpolar North, with access to resources you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
  • Choose coursework that complements and supports your research interests. Our students have chosen wide-ranging topics including Arctic shipping, Indigenous histories, oil and gas corporate social responsibility, sexual and domestic violence in the North, and much more.
  • Take part in opportunities such as the Model Arctic Council (MAC) program, a collaborative experiential learning exercise that simulates the work of the Arctic Council bringing together students from throughout the circumpolar North and beyond.
  • Learn from award-winning faculty recognized for excellence in teaching, research and public service.

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Earn your master’s degree online at UAF and pay in-state tuition wherever you live. Emphasizing the unique experiences and challenges of Alaska and the circumpolar North, our eCampus programs connect you with leading researchers in a collaborative remote classroom designed for students on the go. Classes feature posted lectures, discussion forums and interactive group work using a wide range of technology.

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Cost breakdown for the online master’s in Arctic and Northern Studies

The estimated cost for the Arctic and Northern studies master’s degree program based on current rates is $18,725.

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The Arctic and Northern Studies MA program has been an excellent experience for me given its interdisciplinary nature and rigorous coursework. I originally had planned on pursuing an MA in Anthropology but came across the ACNS program when searching for degrees with more flexibility in coursework schedules that would allow me to explore various academic intersections. Thus far I have truly enjoyed every course that I’ve taken, and the program has lived up to its interdisciplinary approach. I am consistently academically challenged by the coursework and inspired by my professors and fellow classmates. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in gaining an exceptionally comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of the Arctic.

– Hannah Ney, Business Analyst, Teach for America

Finding a way to balance school and family life was a crucial part of my search for a graduate program. The online option of the Arctic and Northern Studies MA program was an immediate draw for me. I had been looking for a strong program I could complete from home while still caring for my three children. The ACNS program has more than exceeded my expectations. Over three semesters in the ACNS graduate program at UAF, every single class I have taken has offered a rigorous and challenging educational experience. I am thrilled that the online ACNS program has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my academic goals within a flexible schedule that works for me.

– Elizabeth Klemm, Research assistant for Arctic & Northern Studies, UAF

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This flexible online master’s program allows you to focus your degree in Arctic politics and policy or individualized study. In addition to developing knowledge of the circumpolar region, the curriculum is also designed to sharpen your analytical, critical thinking and writing skills.

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