The Arctic is a rapidly changing region that faces unique challenges related to climate change, homeland security, public safety and geopolitics. Led by a team of experts with credentials and experience unmatched throughout the world, the graduate certificate in Arctic security will equip you with the expertise to understand and navigate the complex concerns encompassing this critical region.

Who Is the Arctic Security Online Graduate Certificate Program Designed For?

This program is designed for bachelor’s degree graduates of all majors who want to excel as part of the Arctic workforce, particularly in areas related to homeland security, public safety and emergency management. This includes professionals working at all levels, in both the public and private sector. Although the program is Arctic-focused, the skills you gain will be applicable to any region, making this online graduate certificate also valuable for students who live and work around the world.

Why Earn Your Online Certificate in Arctic Security at UAF?

  • Study Arctic security at the premier research university of the region that has the highest number of publications and citations in Arctic research of any university in the world.
  • Learn from instructors who are established experts in the circumpolar North.
  • Engage in a rigorous curriculum based on universal fundamentals with a regional (Arctic) focus.

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Online Arctic security certificate example project

In this program, you’ll design projects based on your interests and career goals. You’ll also take part in weekly online sessions and discussions.

Learning online at UAF

Looking for one of the best online graduate certificate programs for working professionals? Online education at UAF emphasizes practical career training you can directly apply to your career. We also offer affordable in-state tuition for all of our online programs, regardless of where you live.

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Cost breakdown for the online Arctic security certificate program

The estimated cost for the Arctic security program based on current rates is $8,171 – $9,110. Use code UAFSOM when applying to get your application fee waived!

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Earned Badges

QM certifications are valid for five years.

The Graduate Certificate in Arctic Security is the perfect complement to my military experience in Alaska. It provides strategic overviews of Arctic operations across all spectrums of the security domain and the instructors have broad military backgrounds coupled with strong policy and research experience. UAF’s Arctic Security courses have been key to my understanding of the Arctic, its Indigenous people and the many other stakeholders that shape the security domain.

– Ed Soto, graduate of Arctic Security certificate program

Arctic Security Jobs

Our graduates excel in a variety of careers related to homeland security, emergency management, public safety and jobs that require a specialized knowledge of the Arctic.

Explore Classes for the Online Graduate Certificate in Arctic Security

Required courses for the Arctic security program include Vulnerability and Protection, Circumpolar Competition-Arctic Diplomacy and Defense, and Arctic Strategies and Operations. You’ll also have the opportunity to specialize your studies further in areas such as homeland security, human security, and security and disaster management.

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