Program Description

History students will not only learn the facts and narratives of our past but will acquire the methods and tools necessary to construct new narratives. Focusing on both fact and method will prepare you to critically analyze the problems that have faced human populations throughout time and geography as well as how humans have historically addressed those problems.

UAF’s curriculum offers the traditional areas of focus — America, East Asia, Europe — as well as niche topics such as Northern history (including Alaska), Native American history, environmental history and others.

Looking to the past can set up you, and your community, for a stronger future.

This is intended to be a four-year program. Fees below are based on full-time status.

Courses (120 Credits)

Major Requirements

  • Modern World History
  • Perspectives on History
  • Historiography Capstone
  • Senior Thesis Capstone
    In your final year you will develop your own project and, if applicable, will have the chance to apply for grants to pay for your travel in pursuit of research.

Choose three of the following:

  • Western Civilization
  • Western Civilization Since 1500
  • East Asian Civilization
  • History of the U.S.

Choose five courses at the 300- or 400-level, at least two must be at the 400-level.

Of the courses for the major, at least two (at any level) must be taken in each of the following three fields:

  • United State history
  • European history
  • Other, such as:
    • Northern history (including Alaska)
    • World or non-Western (non-U.S., non-European) history
    • Women’s history

    Refer to the UAF Catalog for the full list of course requirements.

Cost Breakdown
Tuition Fees Other Expenses
$234/credit for 100- & 200-level courses $5/credit Technology Fee $50 Application Fee
$282/credit for 300- & 400-level courses $5/credit Libraries Fee $50 Graduation Fee
$6/credit Facilities Fee
$9-11/credit Network Fee
$25/credit eCampus Fee

Estimated Cost of Program Based on Current Rates: $36,130

For more about UAF costs, visit our Financial Aid website.
Careers in Which Our Graduates Excel

A history degree can lead to opportunities in unexpected places. There are no limits to what you can achieve in your career but these are some of the areas our graduates are prepared for:

  • Education
  • Legal
  • Business
  • Arts
  • Community and Social Services
Admissions Requirements

No special admissions requirements. General UAF requirements for a bachelor’s degree can be found here.

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One of the most important aspects of becoming a history teacher is learning to be an expert in your field of study. UAF offers various immersive and exciting online history courses that allowed me to work and teach while still studying. I have the freedom to pursue many academic opportunities including research and club activities, enriching my overall experience at UAF.

Stefan Johnson

Student Teacher at Hutchinson High School

Phi Alpha Theta

Students with a 3.1 (or higher) GPA in 12 or more credits of history and at least a 3.0 overall GPA are encouraged to participate in Phi Alpha Theta, an association of scholars and students interested in all fields of academic history.