Program Description

The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree provides breadth and depth in the science and profession of psychology with a commitment to honoring diversity and promoting human welfare. The curriculum develops cross-cultural knowledge, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, ethical principles, concern for social justice, as well as respect for and knowledge of diverse cultural and social perspectives.

Faculty and advisors in the department will work with you to ensure an enriching experience both in and out of the classroom, including practica and community-centered learning opportunities.

This is intended to be a four-year program. Fees below are based on full-time status.

Courses (120 Credits)

Major Requirements

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology and Culture
  • Introductory Statistics for Social Sciences OR Elementary Probability and Statistics
  • Introduction to Social Science Research Methods
  • Research Design and Analysis in Psychology OR Senior Seminar OR Thesis
Complete two of the following:
  • Personality (3 credits)
  • History and Systems of Psychology (3 credits)
  • Social Psychology (3 credits)
  • Human Sexualities Across Cultures (3 credits)
  • Brain and Behavior (3 credits)
  • Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
  • Psychology of Women Across Cultures (3 credits)
  • Drugs and Behavior (3 credits)
  • Learning and Cognition (3 credits)
  • Sensation and Perception (3 credits)
Complete two of the following:
  • Sport Psychology (3 credits)
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
  • Community Psychology (3 credits)
  • Clinical Psychology (3 credits)
  • Health Psychology (3 credits)
  • Research Analysis and Design (3 credits)
  • Qualitative Social Science Research (3 credits)
  • Senior Seminar in Psychology (3 credits)
  • Practicum in Psychology (1-6 credits)
  • Research in Psychology (1-6 credits)
  • Thesis (1-6 credits)
Complete nine additional psychology credits of your choice.
Cost Breakdown
Tuition Fees Other Expenses
$223/credit for 100- & 200-level courses $5/credit Technology Fee $50 Application Fee
$269/credit for 300- & 400-level courses $5/credit Libraries Fee $50 Graduation Fee
$6/credit Facilities Fee
$9-11/credit Network Fee
$25/credit eCampus Fee


Estimated Cost of Program Based on Current Rates: $36,316

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Careers in Which Our Graduates Excel

This degree prepares students to apply to graduate programs in psychology as well as other fields like medicine, law, public health, nursing, education, biology, other social sciences, counseling and others. Students are also ready to enter the workforce in a variety of careers in the human services, business and science sectors. Advisors and faculty will help students design a curriculum that best prepares them for their educational and career goals.

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Admissions Requirements

No special admissions requirements. General UAF requirements for a bachelor’s degree can be found here.

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