Earn your degree in biology online in a program that emphasizes the perspective of the rapidly changing North. The Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences combines an in-depth study of the science of life with an interest in the human condition. Our online biology degree is also distinguished by hands-on research experiences and close collaboration with professors and peers. When you graduate, you’ll have the knowledge and practical experience it takes to excel in graduate school or in a variety of careers related to biological sciences.

Who Is the Online Bachelor of Arts in Biology Designed For?

The online bachelor’s degree in biology is ideal for students who are interested in the science of life, and thinking about pursuing careers in fields such as health care, biotechnology, environmental monitoring, botany and field biology. The B.A. requires fewer credits in natural science and more credits in the social sciences and humanities than the B.S. in Biological Sciences.

This biology major also pairs well with minors such as digital journalism, business, emergency management, art and psychology (all available online).

Why Earn Your Online Degree in Biology at UAF?

  • Get specialized training to prepare you for careers in the unique cultural and geographic context of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Gain specialized research experience working with faculty who are recognized throughout the world in their fields of expertise.
  • Concentrate your biological sciences degree according to your interests and professional goals, with focus areas including biomedical science, ecology and molecular biology.

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Online biology degree example projects

In our Principles of Genetics class you’ll conduct genetic sequencing at home using loaner kits in order to answer questions relevant to your life. Some online courses also include virtual field trips to ecosystems within Alaska.

In our Behavioral Neuroscience Research capstone class, you can study the biology of mental health using a mouse colony bred for this purpose. Our online capstone in Community Ecology teaches you to apply meta-analysis to answer an ecological question of your choosing.

Learning online at UAF

Earn your bachelor’s degree online for in-state tuition no matter where you live. Our online programs connect you with professors and peers in a way that makes you feel like you’re right here in the classroom, giving you the flexibility to earn your degree while balancing career and family time. Find out more and apply to begin your major in biology today.

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Cost for the online degree in biology

The estimated cost of the online bachelor’s in biology program based on current rates is $43,700.

See what your dollars go toward on the UAF eCampus Tuition and Fees page.

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QM certifications are valid for five years.

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Jobs With a Degree in Biology

This Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences will prepare you for careers in health care, biotechnology, environmental monitoring, botany and field biology. Combined with particular minors, the program can prepare students for interdisciplinary careers such as biological art, science journalism and biology-related business.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to take Principles of Genetics online since I work an 8-5 job and am also a caregiver for my mom. The course was thoughtfully organized with clear expectations and the instructor and lab TA were readily available for questions. The video lectures are engaging and divided up by topic in manageable segments. The assignment schedule was great and was structured to help students keep up with the workload. Since I had been out of academics for quite a while, an online biology course gave me cause for concern but I was able to keep up with the workload and I felt engaged all semester.

— Amy McKenzie, Administrative Assistant in Fairbanks

Explore Classes for the Online Degree in Biology

The bachelor’s in biology explores the science of life and living organisms, including physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development and evolution. Required courses cover topics such as fundamentals of biology, principles of genetics and evolution, chemistry and an introduction to computer programming. All biology students also complete a unique capstone research project. Students in the Bachelor of Arts program are encouraged to choose a topic that combines their interests in biology with issues in the social sciences and humanities that interest and inspire them.

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