Earn your biology degree online at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This hands-on, research-intensive Bachelor of Science program offers a modern and global perspective, delivered from our unique location in the rapidly changing subarctic. UAF’s online program prepares you for a wide range of careers related to biology or to continue your studies. Upon graduation, you’ll have the tools necessary to be successful in graduate school or a professional program such as medicine, veterinary medicine, or dentistry.

Who Is the Online Bachelor of Science in Biology Designed For?

The online B.S. in Biology degree is a good fit for students who are interested in studying the science of life, and looking forward to working in fields such as biotechnology, wildlife and environment, health care and field biology.

Depending on your interests and career goals, you might also be interested in learning more about our Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences, which requires fewer credits in natural science and more credits in the social sciences and humanities than the B.S. degree.

Why Earn Your Online Degree in Biology at UAF?

  • Experience the environment of Alaska through video and description, gaining specialized skills and training for careers in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
  • Learn from experienced faculty whose research programs include ecosystem ecology, species interactions, microbial biology and human health.
  • Engage in undergraduate research experiences (including a capstone research project) that address key challenges in the region, such as rapidly changing ecosystems and the need for innovative healthcare delivery.

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Online biology degree example projects

Conduct a DNA sequencing research project from home to determine if the actual ingredients in various herbal supplements match the ingredients on the label. Join students from Alaska and around the world to participate in comprehensive online biomedical research using mice that exhibit different behaviors. Or take part in virtual field trips to ecosystems within Alaska. As a biology major at UAF, you’ll have many different kinds of opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and activities that address real-life issues, in the context of a unique circumpolar perspective.

Experience online education at UAF

When you earn your bachelor’s degree online at UAF, you’ll interact with faculty and peers much like you would in a traditional classroom. You’ll also pay in-state tuition for all of our online degree programs, no matter where you live, while accessing the resources of one of the top research universities in the United States.

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Cost for the online degree in biology

The estimated cost of the online bachelor’s in biology program based on current rates is $43,700.

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Jobs With a Degree in Biology

The online Bachelor of Science in Biology provides a strong academic foundation for careers in healthcare, environmental science, biological research and more. The major in biology will also prepare you for entry-level jobs in the biological sciences (such as a lab or field technician), graduate degree programs or professional degree programs in medicine, nursing, dentistry or physical therapy.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to take Principles of Genetics online since I work an 8-5 job and am also a caregiver for my mom. The course was thoughtfully organized with clear expectations and the instructor and lab TA were readily available for questions. The video lectures are engaging and divided up by topic in manageable segments. The assignment schedule was great and was structured to help students keep up with the workload. Since I had been out of academics for quite a while, an online biology course gave me cause for concern but I was able to keep up with the workload and I felt engaged all semester.

— Amy McKenzie, Administrative Assistant in Fairbanks

Explore Classes for the Online Degree in Biology

With a focus in the natural sciences, the B.S. in Biology degree provides the most comprehensive education in biology. Required classes explore subjects such as genetics, evolution, organic chemistry and physics. You can also choose from course options in human anatomy and physiology, animal physiology, microbiology and the structure and function of vascular plants.

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