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Prep for Calculus — MATH F251R-UX1

    CRN Course Dates Description Instructor Credits Notes Prerequisites
    33879 2019-01-02 to 2019-01-11 An intensive, individualized review of prerequisite topics needed in calculus along with small group practice of related topics. Emphasis will be placed on problem solving and mathematical communication. Also included will be instruction on how to be successful in calculus. Note: Credit may be earned for taking MATH F251R or MATH F251S, but not for both. Latrice Bowman 1.00 Students must contact the instructor for information on requirements for testing, Latrice Bowman Prerequisites: Previous W or grade below C- in MATH F251X; or placement into MATH F251X; or departmental recommendation.

    ESTIMATE of Tuition & Fees

    000-200 Level:  $212.00
    Standard Fees:   $44.00
    Departmental or Other Fees:   VARIES

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