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Supervising Emergency Services — HSEM F439-UX1

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    35710 2019-01-14 to 2019-05-04 This course is intended for upper division students not yet working in the emergency services field as well as seasoned fire officers seeking a structured examination of issues relating to supervision of firefighters and emergency environment. Topics includes a review of federal laws, labor relations, coaching, counseling and disciplinary action, managing conflict, motivation, stress management, time management and group dynamics. This course will be conducted in seminar format using a flipped classroom approach, in which most content is presented between class sessions and synthesis of information occurs during facilitated class discussions. This course aligns with the National Fire Academy Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education model core curriculum. Douglas Schrage 3.00 OPEN REGISTRATION to all students. ONLINE course. Register at your local campus or UAOnline. Books and materials may be purchased at the UAF Bookstore, This course uses UA Google Apps. Prerequisites: HSEM F301.

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    300-400 Level:  $768.00
    Standard Fees:   $138.00
    Departmental or Other Fees:   VARIES

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