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New Venture Development — MBA F674-UX1

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    35748 2019-01-14 to 2019-05-04 This course will provide students with a venue for commercializing their own or selected innovative ideas through focused study in several key areas of entrepreneurship. The hands-on approach and experience will teach specific methods to assess and understand the industry, customers and competitors for a new venture. Students will then learn to translate those insights into a winning venture idea, a business model and a set of distinctive new products and services. With this venture strategy in hand, students will then learn how to best raise venture financing, how to write a power business plan and create a compelling pitch for investors. Topics in this course include the meaning of entrepreneurship, concept to new venture, opportunity and feasibilty study, intellectual property protection, strategic management, marketing strategies, new venture financing and human capital management. Ping Lan 3.00 Prerequisites: Must be admitted to the MBA program.

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    600 Level:  $1467.00
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