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Calculus II — MATH F252X-UX1

    CRN Course Dates Description Instructor Credits Notes Prerequisites
    75493 2019-08-26 to 2019-12-14 Further topics in single-variable calculus, including techniques of integration; applications of integration; convergence of sequences and series; parameterized curves; and polar coordinates. Caleb Jurkowski 4.00 All students enrolled in core math courses at the UAF Fairbanks Campus or eCampus are automatically enrolled in a tutoring course through Blackboard to give them access to tutoring support offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Courses where students will be enrolled in this tutoring course include MATH F113X, 114X, 122X, 151X, 152X, 156X, 230X, 251X, 252X, 253X, 302 and STAT F200X. Prerequisites: MATH F251X.

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    000-200 Level:  $892
    Standard Fees:   $200
    Departmental or Other Fees:   VARIES

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