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Elementary Spanish I — SPAN F101X-UX1

    CRN Course Dates Description Instructor Credits Notes Prerequisites
    75539 2019-08-26 to 2019-12-14 Introduction to the language and culture: development of competence and performance in the language through understanding, recognition and use of linguistic structures; increasing emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking; basic vocabulary of approximately 1,000 words; exploration of the cultural dimension, implicitly through language and explicitly through texts and audiovisual materials. Kimberly Stewart 5.00 Two texts are listed. One is the access code which comes with an e-text for students who do not require loose leaf text. The other is the access code which comes with a loose leaf text for those who prefer to have a real text. The access code is good for 24 months which will cover Spanish 101 and 102 if taken consecutively. You are required to buy one or the other, not both. Contact your instructor if you have any questions, Daniel Darrow

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    000-200 Level:  $1115
    Standard Fees:   $250
    Departmental or Other Fees:   VARIES

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