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Integr Energy Efficiency Conte — ED F593-UX1

Course Dates
37617 2021-03-01 to 2021-05-07 Colleen Fisk 1.00 Educators will learn how to integrate home energy into the secondary classroom curriculum by using recordings from ENVI 120 (Home Energy Basics) to present the material to their students. They will also engage their students in discussions, problem solving, and independent projects related to the ENVI 120 class. ENVI 120 covers basics of space heating and electricity use and production for Alaskan homes. Main topice include fundamentals of physics related to home energy, lighting and appliances, energy bills, building science, retrofits, and home renewable energy systems. Course emphasizes how to decrease follisl fuel consumption of homes. The high school students will have the option of taking ENVI 120 for credit, while the teachers guide the high schoolers through the class and identify Alaska Math and Science and Next Generation Science (NGS) standards correlated to the class.

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