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Aquatic Animal & Enviro Hlth — DVM F693-UX1

Course Dates
37803 2021-03-15 to 2021-05-14 Morag Clinton 1.00 Through presented material, this course addresses elements of aquatic health as relates to environmental and human health. Teaching focuses on infectious and non- infectious concerns to wild stocks and relevant aquaculture- raised species, with the goal of providing students knowledge and problem-solving skills to recognize and address disease outbreak in aquatic environments.
This course will be offered to One Health Masters and Veterinary Medicine students. It is meant to augment their education and provide insight into an often overlooked area of medicine/health. There may be some optional synchronous sessions but they will be recorded and made available to anyone who cannot attend.
Admittance to the professional Veterinary Medicine Program or the One Health Master’s Program

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600 Level:  $513
Standard Fees:   $62
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