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Princ of Financial Accounting — ACCT F261X-UX1

Course Dates
73730 2021-08-23 to 2021-12-11 During this course we will study accounting from two different methodical approaches: the preparer approach (i.e. a look at how an accounting system is created to record, process and report accounting information) and the user approach (i.e. a look at how various people use the information generated by accountants). Furthermore, this course will study accounting theories to include: historical foundations, the verification of accounting practices and the framework development that governs the field currently. Finally, this course will study the role of accounting in society, how collected accounting data and information can be managed and the related ethical considerations. Kenneth Abramowicz 3.00 This course has been recognized for excellence by Quality Matters Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or higher; placement, concurrent enrollment or completion of MATH at the F100-level or above.

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