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Human Diseases — HLTH F208-KX1

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74008 2021-08-23 to 2021-12-11 Introduction to the study of human diseases. Pathogenesis, etiology and predisposing factors will be examined. The most common diseases and disorders of each body system are presented along with a review of the pertinent anatomy and physiology. Includes the effects of aging on the system and the relationship of aging to disease. Betty Aldrich 3.00 OPEN REGISTRATION to all students. Register at your local campus or on UAOnline. Books and materials may be purchased at the UAF Bookstore, This course uses UA Google Apps. You must have the ability to upload/download and stream audio/video files. You must be able to access YouTube. The use of VoiceThread is required for this course. Students will be asked to participate in public spaces on the internet by creating an account and a screen name for services that will be public to the world. If you feel the official university username identifies you too publicly, please contact your instructor to come up with and alternative. OR please contact instructor immediately after registration. Prerequisites: HLTH F100 with a C or higher.

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