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Bus Continuity & Crisis Mgmt — HSEM F445-UX2

Course Dates
74027 2021-08-23 to 2021-12-11 Topics include comprehensive emergency management, public and private roles and partnerships for emergency and crisis management, the risk management process, strategic crisis management, contingency planning, training and exercises, emergency response, business continuity and recovery, the role of the crisis management team and crisis communication. Doniella Mckoy 3.00 Prerequisites: WRTG F111X; WRTG F211X, WRTG F212X, WRTG F213X or WRTG F214X; COJO F131X or COJO F141X; HSEM F301 or AIS F310 or AIS F316 or BA F360.

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300-400 Level:  $846
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