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Introduction to Plant Biology — BIOL F239-UX1

Course Dates
74587 2021-08-23 to 2021-12-11 Plant biology including plant form and function (morphology, physiology and development), ecology (including interactions with herbivores, pollinators and microbes), conservation, evolution and economic botany. Emphasis on vascular plants (particularly angiosperms) but includes comparisons with nonvascular plants. Christa Mulder 4.00 This course has a $125 lab fee for mailing students lab kits. Students will need to purchase additional supplies , approximately $142, depending on what you may already have. Dissecting kit can be purchased from Home Science Tools, a scale that will weigh to 0.01g., a clip-on phone microscope, a local flora or field guide, a Basic Plant Kingdom Survey Set from Carolina Biological Supply, lant-kingdom-survey-set-living/ and a digital camera (smartphone or tablet is fine). Prerequisites: BIOL F115X; BIOL F116X.

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