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Essntl Precalc w/Applications — MATH F122X-UX1

Course Dates
75738 2021-08-23 to 2021-12-11 A study of various classes of functions, exploring their numeric, algebraic and graphical aspects. Function classes include linear, quadratic, rational, exponential and logarithmic. This course is appropriate for students in programs relating to business and economics or life sciences or students intending to take MATH F230X. Latrice Bowman 3.00 This is a Hyflex course offering multiple methods of attendance. Please register for the section that is the attendance method you prefer: section F01 is in person, section FXA is via Zoom web meeting, UX1 is asynchronous online via Blackboard. The Hyflex design allows you, the student the option of attending sessions in the classroom, participating online, or by doing both. This means that though you are asked to register for a particular modality, you can change your mode of participation weekly or by module, according to need or preference. Please be aware the in-person section is limited in space due to COVID-19 restrictions and not all students will be able to attend in person. Your instructor will have more information how to attend in person for those not registered for that section. Prerequisites: Appropriate placement score, MATH F105, MATH F105N or MATH F105J.

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