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Adv Core Prac Arts & Place-Bas — ED F593P-UX3

Course Dates
78068 2021-10-01 to 2022-05-01 Robin Child 3.00 Participant's will complete the advanced version of a series of 8 web-based modules investigating and practicing 8 core practices in place-based and art-integrated teaching developed through the SILKAT grant.
This class will be mostly web based with 4 required zoom meetings throughout the school year. Class is restricted to certified teachers in the Bering Straits School District. Must have completed the 1st section of ED 593 - Core Practices in Arts and Placed based Teaching. Must get instructor approval to register for class.

ESTIMATE of Tuition & Fees.

500 Level:  $100
Standard Fees:   $108
Departmental or Other Fees:   VARIES