Qualities of eCore

eCore courses are UAF’s high-quality online general education classes that are frequently taken by and recommended to new students.

General Education

If you want to pursue a bachelor, associate of arts or associate of science degree, you will need to take a number of core classes — at UAF we call them General Education Requirements (GERs). We offer more than 100 GERs online through eCampus but the courses below have been hand-picked for new students.

Easily Transfers

Transferring credits can sometimes be a hassle but we are continually trying to make it easier on students. UAF is part of the Interstate Passport Network, which means many of our classes easily transfer to dozens of partner universities, including the other colleges within the University of Alaska system.

Low Cost

Many UAF instructors are committed to keeping your course costs down and, to help, they choose to use and share open educational resources. These high-quality materials are in the public domain and free of charge to you.



Recommended for Your First Semester

Transfers to Other Universities

Course Materials Are $40 Or Less


Beginning Drawing (ART F105X)Mareca GuthrieYesyes Requires $100-$150 of supplies.
Biology and Society (BIOL F103X)Anja KadeYesYes Requires a $140 lab kit plus additional materials for your home lab.
Human Anatomy & Physiology I (BIOL F111X & F111L)Donald LarsonYesYes Requires a lab kit, which costs $239 for BIOL F111L or $379 for both BIOL F111L and BIOL F112L.
Human Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL F112X & F112L)Donald LarsonYesYes  
Introduction to Business (BA F151X)Mark YoungYesYesFREE 
Personal Finance (BA F254X)Tim StickelYesYesFREE 
Intro to Interpersonal Communications (COJO F121X)Tori McDermott or Keely PliskaYesYesFREE 
Fund Oral Comm-Group Context (COJO F131X)Tori McDermott or Nike BahrYesYesFREE 
Fund Oral Comm-Public Context (COJO F141X)Nike BahrYesYesFREE 
Intro to the Study of Film (COJO/ENGL/FLPA F217X)Tyson Paris-Hansen Yes Requires book and video purchases.
Expedition Earth: Intro to Geography (GEOG F101X)Roger PearsonYesYesYes 
Enjoying Jazz (MUS F125X)Lorna EderYes  Requires book purchase.
Psychology of Development (PSY F240)Dani’ Sheppard YesFREE 
Intro to Wmn’s Gndr Sexuality (WGS F201X)Kayt SunwoodYesYesFREE 
Writing Across Contexts (WRTG F111X)Jennifer Tilbury, Derek Hinckley, Patrick Barney, or Sarah StanleyYesYesFREE 
Writing and the Professions (WRTG F212X)Derek Hinckley YesFREE 
Writing and the Sciences (WRTG F213X)Casie Cameron YesYes 
Arguing Across Contexts (WRTG F214X)Greg Hindy, Maureen Sullivan Yes Requires book purchases.