Alaska Teacher Certification


At the University of Fairbanks Alaska, we offer many online courses that are approved by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development as suitable for Alaska teacher certification. Whether you are gaining your Alaska teacher certification for the first time or need renewal credits, our course offerings can help.

Courses listed may not be available every semester; check our current semester course schedule for further scheduling information.

Alaska Studies

  • ANS F101: Intro to Alaska Native Studies
  • ANS F111X: History of Colonization in Alaska
  • ANS/ANTH F242: Native Cultures of Alaska*
  • ED 687 Alaska: Resources, People and Perspectives
  • RD F110: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Land Claims in the 21st Century (fall only)

Multicultural Education

  • ANS/ANTH F242: Native Cultures of Alaska*
  • ANS F350: Cross-cultural Communication: Alaskan Perspectives
  • CCS/ED F611: Culture, Cognition and Knowledge Acquisition (fall only)
  • CCS/ED F631: Culture, Community and the Curriculum (spring only)
  • COJO F330: Intercultural Communication (spring only)
  • ED F660: Educational Administration in Cultural Perspective

*If you use ANS/ANTH F242 to fulfill the Alaska studies requirement, you cannot use it to satisfy the multicultural/cross-cultural requirement. Contact the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (907-465-2831) for complete information on certification and renewal requirements.