Google teams up with permafrost project

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Image of a Earth with areas of green, blue and red which illustrate permafrost zones across the Arctic
Permafrost Discovery Gateway’s permafrost zones across the Arctic

How do you inspire the next generation of scientists and researchers with big data while engaging both the science community and public audiences? The Permafrost Discovery Gateway (PDG), led by Anna Liljedahl at Woodwell Climate Research Center, is an NSF-funded project that analyzes big geospatial data using machine learning algorithms. The PDG incorporates multiple layers of information, invites researchers to submit new content, provides options for non-science contributions, and includes an education component. 

UAF eCampus instructional designer Jen Moss has been working with the PDG team over the last several years, providing support for the development of educational materials, such as the Virtual Permafrost Tunnel Tour led by the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (with help from UAF eCampus Media Producer Eric Lonn), and developing middle and high school STEAM curricula through collaboration with Alaska teachers. A PDG-inspired online art exhibit will also be curated to encourage more interest in permafrost topics. 

The PDG just received a $5 million boost from the Grant and Fellowship award to help them deploy satellite imagery and AI technology to track permafrost thaw in near real-time.  

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