One-Credit STEM Courses Designed for UB Students

Welcome, Upward Bound Directors!

The courses below have been designed with high school students in mind. Being one credit, they serve as excellent introductions to the academic rigors of a university education. Below are descriptions of three courses being offered in the summer 2019 semester, which begins on May 20.

This specialized set of courses and enrollment process is also designed with you in mind. The enrollment and registration has been streamlined to meet the needs of UB directors trying to find university STEM courses for their students. If that’s what you’ve come here for, all you need to do is:

  1. Open and download the Google Sheet on the right. 
  2. Supply full name and birth date of your students, the sheet will help you calculate the cost.
  3. Send the downloaded and completed sheet to:
  4. We’ll work with you on bulk payment for the tuition, accepting checks, purchase orders and credit cards.


a wee picture of a google sheet, designed to help enroll your students and calculate cost

This Google Sheet was developed to help you bulk enroll students and calculate cost. If you have questions, get in touch with eCampus Registration:


Introduction to fundamental concepts across different programming languages including: variables, looping, conditional statements, flow, maintainable code, searching and sorting algorithms. This course is designed as an advanced layer over the materials and activities associated with the T3 Alliance grant-funded program (, which provides a basic introduction to computers, sensors and networking using Raspberry Pis. Special Note: Several of the modules and learning activities build upon and use the Raspberry Pi kits that UB programs associated with the T3 Alliance are using. While this is helpful, students without these kits can still enroll, providing that they have access to a computer that can run Python scripts. Cost $298/student


Introduction to plants of Alaska is widely applicable to the plants that you see in any habitat around the world. We are covering the main plant families, which are universally distributed throughout the world.  The difference is that in some areas some families are more prominent as compared to other areas. So students will learn basic plant ID skills and can interact with students across the US and beyond to learn about the plants from their regions. 

In addition to the cost of tuition, students will have to purchase $20 of field lab equipment (photo lens and dissection kit). These can be purchased online and are listed in the class syllabus.

Cost $256/student


Welcome to Behavioral Neuroscience Research, a fully online research course! During this semester you will participate in biomedical research on mice, including data collection, data analysis and interpretation of results. In collaboration with the other students in the course, you will choose a novel experiment that is scientifically justified, humane and ethical. You will learn about obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and other conditions in humans and how basic animal research has the potential to contribute to improving the human condition. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to explore your interests in biology and specifically biomedical research.

Class Syllabus (external website)

Cost: $356/student