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Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Justice is designed for professionals pursuing a career in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest. High-quality faculty, who are themselves accomplished and active in the field, have developed this online program over many years. Upon completion, graduates will understand the structure and function of the criminal justice system and will be prepared to excel in their career of choice.

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Justice program will learn how to contribute valuable solutions to conflicts concerning federal, state and Native American issues. This innovative program also offers insight into rural and tribal justice systems as well as restorative justice (working with victims, offenders and the community to repair the harm caused by criminal behavior).

Graduates will be armed with the skills and abilities to make positive impacts in their community, whether that be a metropolis or a rural area.

Courses (120 Credits)

Major Requirements

  • Introduction to Justice
  • Introduction to Addictive Processes
  • Research Methods
  • Criminology
  • Ethics and Justice
  • Principles of Corrections
  • Rural Justice in Alaska
  • Juvenile Delinquency

Complete six of the following:

  • Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation
  • Gender and Crime
  • Police Problems
  • Criminal Law
  • Procedural Law
  • Comparative Criminology
  • Advanced Problems in Procedural Law

Capstone, choose one of the following:

  • Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation
  • Internship
  • Seminar in Critical Issues
  • Research
Careers in Which Our Graduates Excel
  • Police Officers
  • Probation Officers
  • Juvenile Probation Officers
  • Parole Officers
  • Court Personnel, including Attorneys and Judges
  • Military
Cost Breakdown
Tuition Fees Other Expenses
$202/credit for 100- & 200-level courses $5/credit Technology Fee $50 Application Fee
$244/credit for 300- & 400-level courses $6/credit UA Facilities Fee $50 Graduation Fee
$8-$10/credit Network Charge
$25/credit eCampus Fee

Estimated Cost of Program Based on Current Rates: $31,744

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The Justice professors offer an “in-class” teaching style that is rarely found with online instruction and they combine education with real-life experiences to create professionals who are highly competitive in the job market upon graduation.

Jeff Thompson

Owner of Denali-Nanaq Legal Services

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