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Earn your degree in social work at UAF and prepare for rewarding careers empowering others

Our mission is to educate generalist social work practitioners to promote the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities, emphasizing the diversity and uniqueness of rural Alaska. The program includes an intensive 400-hour senior practicum that gives you the opportunity to engage in direct social work practice experiences under the supervision of a social worker in a social service agency.

In addition to being offered at the Troth Yeddha’ campus in Fairbanks, Alaska, the social work degree is available via distance delivery and online classes, enabling students from across Alaska to complete their bachelor’s from their home communities. This program is provided through a cohort model specifically designed for students who are working in or have experience with the social service field, so they can take courses and work at the same time.

What Is Social Work?

Social workers help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges, dealing with issues such as poverty, discrimination, abuse, addiction, disability, divorce and unemployment. They work with individuals, groups and communities, helping to prevent crises and counseling clients to cope more effectively with the stresses of everyday life. The practice of social work requires knowledge of human development and behavior, of social, economic and cultural institutions, and of the interaction of all these factors.

Social workers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Only those who have earned social work degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral levels, and completed a minimum number of hours in supervised fieldwork, are “professional social workers.”

Why Study Social Work at UAF?

As a social work major at UAF, you’ll find numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth, as you face the challenges and experience the rewards of professional social work.

As part of your senior year coursework, you’ll have the opportunity to work with individuals, groups and communities in a social service agency and complete a 400-hour practicum*. You’ll work under the direct supervision of an agency social worker who teaches, guides and monitors your direct practice experience.

*Note: There is an additional fee of $2000 for practicums outside of Alaska as well costs for a site visit. The department will attempt to identify appropriate placements for out-of-state and international students, but despite our best efforts, we may not be able to place students outside Alaska.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


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Online Classes at UAF

At UAF, online courses typically do not have set meeting times but do have weekly deadlines. While there are some standard practices, each course is designed by the instructor to best teach the material. Most courses run the full length of the 16-week semester.