Medical Billing

Get the training you need for medical billing careers in just one semester of study

In this flexible online job training program you’ll learn to analyze medical records, assign codes for indexing diagnoses, provide information for reimbursement and other key medical billing and coding tasks. Graduates will be ready to work in medical offices, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Who Is the Medical Billing Program Designed For?

The online program for medical billing at UAF is a great option for career changers or anyone who is looking for solid employment opportunities in the medical field. Offered fully online, this occupational training program is also a great fit for students with careers and families, or who live outside Alaska.

What is medical billing?

Medical billing is the process of creating and submitting claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for health care services provided. The medical biller works with patients, health care providers (such as physicians, hospitals, physical therapists and outpatient facilities), and health payers to negotiate and arrange for payments due. It’s also the job of the medical biller to ensure that the data on an insurance claim is accurate and that the claim is adjudicated correctly.

Why Study Medical Billing Online at UAF?

  • Receive medical billing and coding training online to prepare for careers with just one semester of study.
  • Earn your occupational endorsement in medical billing from anywhere you live, paying in-state tuition.
  • Get personal support and guidance from expert faculty and advisors who are here to help you succeed.

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  • Occupational Endorsement


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Online Classes at UAF

At UAF, online courses typically do not have set meeting times but do have weekly deadlines. While there are some standard practices, each course is designed by the instructor to best teach the material. Most courses run the full length of the 16-week semester.