Nanny Caregiving

Help ensure that infants and young children grow and thrive in a nurturing environment with an occupational endorsement in nanny caregiving

UAF’s one-year childcare degree prepares graduates to work as skilled in-home childcare providers and to continue their education with an A.A.S. in early childhood education.

Join one of the most accessible nanny caregiving programs from anywhere you live with 100% online courses. Work with highly qualified faculty members in small caregiving courses. Apply what you learn by working with and observing children in practical assessments. Start making a difference for future generations now.

Why Earn your Childcare Degree at UAF?

UAF’s unique nanny caregiving program offers opportunities for hands-on learning and research so you can complete the program prepared for your new career. Our caregiving courses don’t rely on testing to assess your knowledge, as many other caregiving programs do. Instead, you’ll be assessed through reports, reflection and feedback based on practical experience with children. Most of the nanny courses in the caregiving program require you to work with children, either directly or through online observations. The Bunnell House Early Childhood Lab School is committed to providing abundant observational opportunities for students, all while providing high-quality care to children of enrolled university students, faculty and staff.


Degree Type

  • Occupational Endorsement


  • Online

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Online Classes at UAF

At UAF, online courses typically do not have set meeting times but do have weekly deadlines. While there are some standard practices, each course is designed by the instructor to best teach the material. Most courses run the full length of the 16-week semester.