Earn your master’s degree in security and disaster management at UAF and get advanced training for careers in homeland security, emergency management and disaster relief. Led by faculty who include military and law enforcement professionals, this flexible online program integrates real-world situations — often stripped from the morning’s headlines — as class material. It’s the only degree of its kind in Alaska, and nearly all of our master’s program students find jobs at or before graduation.

Who Is the Online Master’s in Security and Disaster Management Designed For?

The Master of Security and Disaster Management (MSDM) program is designed for both aspiring and existing homeland security and emergency management practitioners. This fully online master’s program is an ideal option for working professionals who want to take on strategic and supervisory roles in their field.

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Why Earn Your Master’s in Homeland Security and Disaster Management at UAF?

  • Learn from seasoned military and law enforcement professionals who will help you find your next job or advance in your current career.
  • Apply lessons learned through your coursework as solutions in your current emergency management or homeland security career.
  • Transfer up to 6 graduate-level courses from approved American Council on Education (ACE) credit programs toward your master’s in security and disaster management.
  • Access national resources at a school that is a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Higher Education Program, as well as the Department of Homeland Security University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI).

Cost breakdown for the online master’s in security and disaster management

The estimated cost for the MSDM program based on current rates is $21,800.

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Earning your master’s degree online at UAF

Offering affordable in-state tuition for students across the country, our innovative online degree programs connect you with faculty, peers and hands-on learning experiences through a supportive virtual classroom. We invite you to find out more and start on your master’s degree today.

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Robert Ituarte

After serving 24 years in the US Air Force, my urge to be of service never went away. The online master’s in security and disaster management gives me the opportunity to expand my specialized knowledge and offer applicable expertise in the field, volunteering with my city’s Emergency Operations Center in regional training activities.

– Robert Ituarte, Community Emergency Response Team member in Newport News, Virginia.

Robert Ituarte

Jobs for Security and Disaster Management

This unique online master’s program is ideal for students seeking jobs within homeland security as well as jobs for emergency management, or looking to advance within existing careers. Graduates of the master’s in security and disaster management will gain the skills to excel within the following agencies:

  • U.S. State Department
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Department of the Interior
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • American Red Cross
  • Bureau of Land Management

Earning your online master’s in emergency management and homeland security is also valuable for students who work in:

  • Local fire and police departments
  • State emergency management departments
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Alaska Native and other non-profit management
  • Environmental conservation
  • Cultural resource management
  • Information technology
  • Fisheries management
  • Journalism and broadcasting
  • Museum curation
  • National Parks Service
  • Higher education
  • Health services
  • Tribal governments

Explore more career opportunities in homeland security and emergency management with the University of Alaska Career Coach.

Salary for homeland security and emergency management

In addition to opening the door to new career opportunities, earning your master’s degree can also help to boost your salary. Here’s a quick look at several emergency management salaries (and related careers) to give you an idea:

  • Emergency management director: $74,590
  • Police and detectives: $65,170
  • Fire chief: $79,112
  • FEMA (average salary for all employees): $79,573
  • Department of Homeland Security (average salary for all employees): $76,623

Explore Classes for the Online Master’s in Security and Disaster Management Program

This online master’s degree program emphasizes critical thinking and analytical skills required for managers and leaders in homeland security and emergency management. Required courses explore topics such as disaster management policy, community planning in emergency management, strategic collaboration and project management, and legal aspects of homeland security and emergency management.

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