Staff Spotlight: Amy Bristor

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Amy and her husband in Hawaii
Amy and her husband in Hawaii

Amy has been with UAF for a long time. She can give you a history lesson about the evolution of the UAF logo (there was a pink phase!). Ask Amy about anything and she’ll have an answer. Now, she’s helping Alaska high schoolers get a headstart on their college experience.

Q: What do you do at eCampus?

A: I run a program called Alaska Advantage which is a virtual middle college for high school students to get college credit. 

Q: How do you work with students?

A: I help advise students into the right classes to work toward a future degree program. I also work with students to help explore what kinds of degree programs they might be interested in. Hint: It’s ok to not know what you want to do. I ask a lot of questions and we can narrow down your interests.

Q: How can students connect with you?

A: I can be reached by email at or you can call me at 907-474-7412. 

Q: What do you like about working at UAF eCampus?

A: I love the versatility of the students we get. Having our classes online allows students from all over the state to have the opportunity to challenge themselves in college classes. 

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A: I love Hawaii! In particular, the Big Island would be where I would live. The versatility of the terrain on the Big Island is so vast and there is always something to do. 

Q: What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?

A: Pickled herring and just about anything I eat with it. I enjoyed eating lunch at home during the pandemic because I could eat all the pickled herring I wanted without stinking out my coworkers.

Q: What is the best gift you have ever received?

A: I have two, but they are the same gift. My husband gifted me with a cat the first year we were married for Christmas. We had that cat for 20 years. Two years ago, he surprised us with a new cat at Christmas and she has been a joy to our family. I’m still not sure how the dogs feel about her though.


  • Karina Gonzales-Smith

    Communications Manager
    Karina has worked in higher education for over 14 years. Her passion for learning began at an early age when she learned how to speak English after moving from the tropic to the Arctic. Since then Karina has moved from one classroom to another — on campus, online, or overseas. She’s an alumna of UAF and UAA where she studied biology, psychology, and public health. Karina currently teaches for the Allied Health program in the UAF College of Rural and Community Development. She deeply values connecting with people, and her role as Communications Manager allows her to be an authentic, creative, and supportive champion of equity in education.

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