Staff Spotlight: Julia Scotese

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Julia at her desk at eCampus working on an embroidery project
Julia at her desk at eCampus working on an embroidery project

Have you ever met someone who can make you feel comfortable right away? If not, you’re in for a treat because Julia is the friendly face you’ll encounter at the eCampus office. She’s great at striking up conversations and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Julia is also a skilled crafter. Don’t hesitate to ask her about her latest embroidery project!

Q: What do you do at eCampus?

A: Here at eCampus, I primarily help manage our front desk and run our test center. In the background, I am also leading the charge in updating our processes within Exam Services to streamline everything for both staff and students.

Q: How do you work with students?

A: My interactions with students include phone calls answering their questions and setting them up with their exams in person. I work hard to help make our center as easy and calm as possible for our students taking exams.

Q: How can students connect with you?

A: I am the first person a student sees when they enter our offices here at eCampus. I am always happy to say hello and strike up a conversation. I will answer literally any question- so ask about anything!

Q: What do you like about working at UAF eCampus?

A: My team is by far my favorite part of working at eCampus. We work together phenomenally and have some pretty funny and interesting conversations. I also like having the opportunity to simultaneously work full-time and work on my master’s degree in School Counseling.

The eCampus Exam Services team: Capra, Logan, and Julia (L-R)
The eCampus Exam Services team: Capra, Logan, and Julia (L-R)

Q: How do you like to start your day?

A: My favorite way to start the day is grabbing drinks for myself and my team from Mocha Dan’s. Before that, I get to spend time with my Golden Retriever Luna and prep whatever craft I am working on throughout the day.

Q: What’s your favorite game to play?

A: I really enjoy playing Rainbow Six: Siege and Destiny 2. I get to play with friends and coworkers often after work, which is a great way to decompress. (Haha, that’s a joke. Anyone who plays Siege knows it is NOT a decompression game).

Q: If you could snap your fingers and be an expert in something, what would it be?

A: Being someone who loves the learning-to-be-an-expert process, I would love to be able to snap my fingers to become an expert at locating people who can help facilitate my learning process of any other thing I want to learn- whether that be baking, crocheting, construction, car maintenance, or whatever else!


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