Proctor Responsibilities

Proctors must be education, government, community or administrative officials at a university, community college, public school or library.

If such persons are unavailable, other people* can be approved to serve as your proctor. To have a proctor approved, fill out the request for a proctored exam with your course and proctor’s information. Once your request has been received, eCampus staff can begin the proctor vetting process.

*Proctors cannot be personal friends, co-workers, family members, peers, or coaches.

The integrity of the exam process is fundamental to any educational program because it provides a supervised check of the student’s knowledge and capability. The university therefore requires that prospective proctors understand their responsibilities and agree to ensure that integrity. When an individual is accepted as a proctor, they represent the University of Alaska Fairbanks and are accountable to the examination process.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Secure the exam until the student begins the exam session
  • Accurately identify the student by photo ID (or other verification, if necessary)
  • Provide a quiet, well-lit area free from noise and distraction and within supervisory distance
  • Verify instructional materials (if any) allowed during the exam process
  • Return all papers, including scratch sheets, exam questions and the completed Examination Certificate, to UAF eCampus. Note: photocopying or taking notes from any exam is not permitted
  • If necessary, terminate the exam, confiscate any exam materials and immediately notify UAF eCampus by telephone if there is improper conduct on the part of the student or any evidence that there has been a violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the examination process