Online Coaching to Help You Succeed

Online learning goes beyond textbooks and discussion boards. It’s about community and commitment to your success. That’s why we have an eCoaching program, designed to give you the tools, resources and connections necessary to achieve great things.

eCoach Faith Fleagle talking to a student who is video chatting in on a robot.

Connect with a Coach

Transitions Coach

With so many degree options, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your long-term career goals. Sometimes you aren’t even sure what your long-term goals are but want to start working toward a degree. Nicole can help you explore your online options at UAF. She will help you navigate the application and financial aid process and provide general information as you are transitioning into college or between degree levels.

Registration Support

Navigating registration forms, policies, and dates can be overwhelming. Hayley is here to help with:

  • registering for a course
  • overriding prerequisites
  • explaining holds or error messages
  • processing wait-list requests
  • dropping or withdrawing from a class

Financial Coach

An investment in your education is worth it but paying for college can be a challenge. Tim can help you:

  • find options to help pay for college
  • manage your finances while in school
  • plan for a stable, financial future
He developed UAF’s personal finance curriculum and is a trained financial advisor through Dave Ramsey Solutions.

Career Coach

Do you often feel like a deer in the headlights when someone asks, “So, what are you going to do after college?” No need to worry, Nicole Goff of UAF’s Career Services can help you with everything from choosing the right major to building your résumé and conquering those pre-interview nerves.

Tech Support

We’ve all been there — clicking and nothing happens, password isn’t working, can’t figure out where to start on a new website. You are not alone! Brant is available to help via live chat, video conference, email or a phone call. Tech issues are frustrating and can even be debilitating in an online course so we guarantee to help you quickly and efficiently.