Thank an Instructor

If your instructor has made a positive difference in your education or beyond, take a moment to say thanks and we’ll pass it along. You can remain anonymous or include your name.

UAF Students and Mascot

“When moving to Minnesota, I knew it was going to be a huge transition for me so I contacted one of my professors, Joanne Healy, because I wanted to double check with her to make sure that I could be in Minnesota and still get my master’s degree. She emailed me, called me right away to make sure I was meeting all the right guidelines and just gave me tips and hints to make sure that [with] the job I accepted in Minnesota, I would still be able to get my master’s degree. She wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing and felt supported and was going to be successful in this move. So that was really encouraging because that’s something that she didn’t have to do but she went out of her way to call me on spring break and it was super nice of her.”

- Caitlyn Brice