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UAF eCampus is the student enrollment and engagement arm of the UAF Center for Teaching and Learning. It has been offering award-winning educational opportunities to students across Alaska and around the world for over fifty years. With eCampus courses, you can learn from anywhere for in-state tuition and access learning, research, and internship opportunities that are uniquely Alaskan and typically UAF. Explore our online degree programs and begin a transformative educational journey from wherever you are.


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Why UAF?

UAF has been offering remote learning opportunities since the 1970s, when correspondence courses helped the university reach students in Alaska’s smaller, dispersed communities. As a remote UAF student at that time, you might receive a thick paper packet in the mail with three months worth of reading and writing, as well as prepaid envelopes to mail your exams and essays back. If you registered (by mail!) for an audio course, you made your way to a landline 2-3 times a week to call in and listen to your instructor lecture, then mailed in paper-based assignments based on those phone calls. In the 1980s, the university contracted with a  statewide television station to offer instructional programs via broadcast – now you could watch your instructor lecture or even demo an experiment or practice. As a remote student in these decades, you rarely connected with classmates, and had limited interactions with your instructor.

UAF’s first online course launched in 1997, when the internet was dial-up and phones just had one application: phone calls. While a few intrepid professors experimented with “online” courses,” distance-based options grew to 111 courses and 3,453 students by the year 2000. By 2012, the balance had completely shifted: paper-based correspondence courses were gone and while audio-based courses were still available, students could now choose from 266 online options. The internet had gone wireless and made its way into our mobile devices. Most students still logged into Blackboard via a computer to work on their courses and UAF eCampus employees traveled around the state to offer support and training.

Blitz forward another decade, and UAF eCampus is offering over 600 courses and 50+ complete degree programs to students in 17 different countries! As an online student TODAY at UAF, you take your courses where you are – on your phone while you watch your daughter’s karate class, from your laptop with your feet up on the couch, or at the campus library. UAF eCampus is home to not only one of the oldest remote learning programs, but also one of the best. UAF eCampus is one of only a few online school programs in the nation to earn Quality Matters’ Online Learner Support Certification. We are ranked as one of America’s Best Military Friendly Online Colleges and our programs are regularly featured on U.S. News & World Report’s lists of best online degrees. Meanwhile, we are just one arm of the university, which itself is a leader in research and experience-based education.

As a  UAF eCampus student, you’re learning from leading practitioners, from professors who will give you the opportunity to contribute to their climate change research, to those who will share stories from the field of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Meanwhile, you’re connecting with classmates around the world while still paying in-state tuition and being eligible for numerous scholarships.

Alaska is a place for adventuring, for trying new things in deep connection with place and with the people around you. Won’t you join us in this learning adventure?


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Jamie Kuhn

Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education
Class of 2019

“Working full time and being busy with my family doesn’t leave much time for me to attend classes face-to-face. The online courses fit perfectly into my schedule and I have been very successful. My professors and advising team have been absolutely amazing. The quality of the curriculum and faculty has far exceeded my expectations.”

Jamie Kuhn

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