Student Services

Student Services provides support services to all online students. This is accomplished through pre-course enrollment services (advising, registration, and prerequisite assistance) to course and post-course enrollment services (dropping, withdrawing, exam proctoring, etc.). Our student service staff provides UAF eCampus information to faculty such as course schedules, enrollmetn numbers, and student records.


The Administration Team supports staff and faculty in all UAF departments through collaboration, program development, and efforts that lead to student access, achievement, and attainment of their educational goals.

Instructional Design

The Instructional Design Team offers the most sophisticated, complete, and current faculty development offerings in the University of Alaska system involving pedagogy, outcomes, assessment, quality improvement, implementation and practical use of technology and tools. Instructional Designers offer various professional development opportunities all designed to equip faculty with the knowledge and skills to provide the best online education experience.