Exam Information for Faculty

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Using Exam Services for Proctored Exams

Before the Semester

If you choose to use Exam Services to proctor your exams, please notify us using the proctored assessments survey 10-14 days before the semester begins.

During the Semester

Share your exam with us no later than seven (7) days before the opening date of your exam using the Proctored Exam Submission Form linked below. This allows us to prepare and send materials to proctors outside of Fairbanks and Alaska.


We do not allow students to take anything into the exam room except the pencil and paper we provide. However, faculty can specify exceptions (e.g., notes allowed) on our Proctored Exam Submission Form.


When your students take an exam with us, we scan the completed materials into a Google Drive folder we share with you.

Make-up Exams

Make-up exams are for eCampus-supported courses only. Instructors need to send approval ahead of time with the date range that a student can take an exam.

Faculty Exam Portal

UAF eCampus Exam Services utilizes an online portal to submit exams for proctoring services.

Virtual Proctoring


We suggest virtual proctoring via Honorlock for computer-based Canvas exams. Honorlock has seamless integration with Canvas, with few hurdles for students to maneuver. It is more efficient and secure than in-person proctoring (viewing student screens consistently isn’t possible with in-person proctoring). Students who do not have reliable internet can set up an in-person proctor in their location (this isn’t an issue for most students – especially Fairbanks-based students). Students prefer staying remote when taking their exams, which is much more effective at maintaining academic integrity than our previous vendor.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Honorlock is only for online exams.
  • There is a $9 fee per exam to the student; however, there is an $18 limit per course per semester.
  • It is convenient, easy to access, and requires a good internet connection.
  • Instructors set Honorlock up in their online course. eCampus doesn’t set it up nor make changes, and we cannot access or see your Honorlock setup.

Exam Center Rules and Procedures

  • We support students by providing a quiet space to take their proctored exams.
  • We do not allow cell phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches or any personal electronic devices while a student takes an exam.
  • Students are responsible for monitoring the time they’ve spent on an exam. We do track how much time students have used if the instructor has specified a time limit, but we do not warn students when they go over the allotted time for an exam.
  • Students are not able to use their own pencil or pen. They will be required to use what we provide. 
  • Students should limit bringing additional belongings into the exam center. There are lockers available if needed, but they are small. 
  • We immediately notify the instructor if academic dishonesty is suspected.