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Honorlock is an easy-to-use platform that operates around you and your students with no special scheduling, no headaches, nor bulky software downloads. To implement it, create your exam in Canvas and you’ll be a few clicks away from enabling the Honorlock software. Honorlock is the online proctoring service adopted for use with online eCampus courses. It is also available for use by other UAF online instructors. Honorlock provides proctoring services similar to what a student would experience when visiting a testing center. The service is fully compatible with Canvas.

Helpful Resource Links

Use these links and tutorials for Honorlock operations, training, and assistance.

What to Expect with Honorlock

As an instructor, you control all Honorlock settings, examination instructions, and timelines. If you have an online Canvas assessment, Honorlock is for you. Although you won’t need it, eCampus can assist you in getting started.  If you have paper exams, we can coordinate proctoring within local exam centers.

Honorlock makes it seamless for your students to take your online quizzes and exams. They do not need to find a proctor, schedule a time, get exams and instructions sent to their proctor, or drive to an Exam Center.

Please note: When you choose to use Honorlock to proctor an online assessment in any course, you must clearly state that within your course syllabus. Doing so will allow students enough time to properly prepare for a virtual proctor session (i.e., requesting academic accommodations if needed).

Instructor Support

Any instructor needing technical assistance may contact Honorlock Support – available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Honorlock support can be reached through email at support@honorlock.com, or via their live chat option. All settings are instructor-controlled, not eCampus controlled.

The Honorlock support Exam Services provides is limited to assisting exam centers or proctors with bypassing the product if the student is in a course using Honorlock and does not have the required equipment or consistent connectivity to use the product. All other support goes through Honorlock.

Student Support

Students having technical issues preventing them from using Honorlock (inadequate internet bandwidth to support streaming video, a non-functioning webcam, or an inability to secure a private location to take the exam) will be contacting you as an instructor first. This allows an understanding of the situation and what accommodations can be made. Again, instructors control all Honorlock settings. Students who require a place to test will be allowed to test at the UAF Exam Center. An appointment can be made using the “Make-Up Exams” option or by calling/emailing our office.

Student Privacy

Student privacy and data are a top priority for UAF. As a third-party contractor, Honorlock complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and is committed to ensuring privacy and information security for students using their software. View the video to learn more about Honorlock’s commitment to student privacy.

Exam Rules

We encourage instructors to set the online testing environment to mimic the “in-class” testing environment. Refer to the Honorlock Standard Exam Guidelines for detailed exam rules.

How to Set Up Honorlock Exams in Canvas LMS

You can use the following steps listed below to set up an online proctored Honorlock exam within Canvas or review the helpful resources below. First, ensure that the Honorlock App is enabled in your Canvas course.

  1. Activate the Honorlock App in Canvas if not already done
  2. In Canvas, select Settings on the left menu
  3. Select the “Apps” tab and type in Honorlock in the “Filter by Name” field
  4. Select “+ Add App” and follow the on-screen instructions. Honorlock is now enabled in your course shell.
  5. Create your assessment in Canvas using the Quiz Creation tool
  6. Navigate to the Honorlock Tab
  7. In the list of all your exams, select the “Enable” button for the exam or quiz you want to enable
  8. Review the Proctoring Settings and enable the settings of your choice. To enable a setting, simply click on the box for that setting. 
  9. Follow the further instructions on the page.
  10. Select the Student Guidelines applicable to this assessment.
  11. It is recommended that Exam Visibility remains set to “No.” This would correspond with the exam availability dates and times you set up within Canvas.
  12. Click “Create” to save your settings