Exam Center Student Tips

Things to Remember

Prior To Arrival

  • Use the restroom, eat a snack or get a drink of water prior to entering the exam center.
  • Self-monitor any symptoms (high temperature, dry cough, etc.) and do not come in if you are ill.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands (hand sanitizing stations are located in the hallway at each location).

Bring the Following With You

  • Photo ID
  • Please limit any additional belongings. Small lockers are available, if needed, but we recommended leaving your valuables at home or in your car. 

Checking In

  • Show a photo ID.
  • You will be escorted to an assigned seat within the exam center.
  • Silence or turn off your cellphone!

Rules and Procedures

  • We support students by providing a quiet space to take their proctored exams.
  • We do not allow cell phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches or any personal electronic devices while a student takes an exam.
  • Students are responsible for monitoring the time they’ve spent on an exam. We do track how much time students have used if the instructor has specified a time limit, but we do not warn students when they go over the allotted time for an exam.
  • Students are not able to use their own pencil or pen. They will be required to use what we provide. 
  • Students should limit bringing additional belongings into the exam center. There are lockers available if needed, but they are small. 
  • We immediately notify the instructor if academic dishonesty is suspected.