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Are you interested in studying at UAF but you’re not sure where to start? My name is Nicole and as the Enrollment Counselor at UAF eCampus, I’m  here to help you with any and all questions you may have about UAF! This includes information about programs, the application process, and navigating your way through the various aspects of getting started as a student here. Below are a list of some of the frequently asked questions I get from prospective and current students, but if you have more questions that aren’t answered, make an appointment with me and I can be sure to provide you with the assistance you need!



I took credits at a university more than 10/20/30/40+ years ago. Will those transfer to UAF?

UAF does not have a time limit on credits you bring in! As long as the credits are from a regionally-accredited university and are above a C- grade, these can be transferred to UAF.  Read about the university’s transfer policies


How will my prior college credits transfer to UAF?

How the credits come in to your degree really depends on the major you choose and the subjects your prior credits are within. As a default, you should earn elective credits. Once the evaluation of your credits have been processed, you can work with your advisor to determine if any can be petitioned to fulfill certain requirements at UAF if they don’t come in already as a specific degree requirement. UAF has a handy new transfer credit estimator that you can use to get an idea of how your credits might come in, even before you apply! 


How much does this program cost?

Any courses taken through UAF eCampus charge the resident Alaska tuition rate regardless of where you live!  We have a cost breakdown estimate for each program on the program pages found on our website. 


Are there scholarships available?

UAF offers hundreds of scholarships through their single application each year which is due on February 15. Online students get the same consideration for scholarships as any other student. Read more about scholarships. 

UAF eCampus also has a specific scholarship for students who are taking eCampus courses. We typically offer this each semester (even summer!) with later deadlines. 


Do I need to submit my FAFSA before I apply to UAF?

No, you can submit the FAFSA at any time during the application process, even after admissions. Find out more about the FAFSA.


I’m trying to apply online, but I can’t find the program I am interested in!

Some programs are not listed under the main campus (Fairbanks Troth Yeddha’); try changing the ‘campus applying’ to another campus. For example, you have to select Community and Technical College to find most occupational endorsements, undergraduate certificates, and associates, or the Interior Alaska Campus is where you can find the Associate of Science. I’m happy to schedule a Zoom with you to go over the application step-by-step if you wish!


What are the deadlines? Can I apply late?

Occupational Endorsements, Undergraduate Certificates, and Associate’s programs do not have a set deadline, though we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Applying close to the start of classes may impact timelines related to financial aid and transfer credit.

For Bachelor’s programs the deadlines are:

Summer – May 1

Fall – June 15

Spring – November 1

For bachelor’s students, it is possible to apply late. For those who miss the main application deadline, an extension is offered for a $25 late fee in addition to the application fee. Before you apply late, consider when classes begin and that there will be many things to do before you can register. Order/submit all of your transcripts right away because delays in submitting transcripts will delay financial aid. Also be aware that you will not be considered for Nanook Pledge or Nanook Commitment scholarships if you apply past the listed deadline.

Graduate degree programs (including post-baccalaureate certificates and graduate certificates) have variable deadlines, and are often much earlier than listed on the general Admissions website. It is often not possible to submit a late application for graduate studies. 


I have been admitted, but I cannot register! What do I do?

Degree students are required to meet with an advisor before they register each semester. UAF has a list of advisors, but if you are still having difficulty, feel free to reach out to me and I can give you your advisor’s contact information (and may even be able to schedule something on their calendar!). Keep in mind you may also need to take placement tests for certain courses, and you will get the most out of your advising appointment if you take those placements prior to meeting with your advisor. 

For nondegree students, it may be that you are trying to take a class with a prerequisite. Since you are nondegree, you do not have any prior coursework in our system. If you believe you have the prior prerequisite filled outside of the UAF system, feel free to forward your unofficial transcript to me and I can assist you with course overrides.


  • Nicole Balazs

    Enrollment Counselor
    Nicole grew up in eastern Nebraska and received a bachelor’s in Animal Ecology Interpretation from Iowa State University. During her time at ISU, she went on a semester exchange to UAF during Spring 2006, and decided to move to Fairbanks for good in the spring of 2008. Nicole started working at UAF in 2012, and earned a Master’s in Applied Linguistics from UAF in 2020. When not working, Nicole enjoys cross country skiing, fat biking, quilting, and spending time with her husband and Bernese Mountain Dog.

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