Get online job training for bookkeeping careers in both large and small businesses. Designed to get you working as a bookkeeper in as little as one semester, this hands-on occupational training program is offered completely online and taught by full-time faculty as well as subject matter experts in the field. You can also apply your coursework in this program toward the associate degree in applied accounting.

Who Is the Online Bookkeeping Program Designed For?

This program is a great starting point for students who are interested in bookkeeping and accounting jobs, or want foundational training for entry-level business careers. It’s also an ideal stepping stone for students who are interested in pursuing further business education (particularly in accounting) in the future.

What is bookkeeping?

Every business earns and spends money. The job of a bookkeeper is to document these daily financial transactions and help prepare business accounts. Bookkeeping is important both for business owners and external entities (such as investors or financial institutions) because it provides an up-to-date picture of a company’s finances and informs key decisions.

Accounting vs. bookkeeping

While bookkeeping and accounting are closely related areas, they support businesses in different ways. Bookkeepers focus on recording financial transactions, playing more of an administrative role. Accountants are concerned with providing business insights and financial models based on bookkeeping data.

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Why Get Job Training for Bookkeeping at UAF?

  • Complete your online bookkeeper occupational training program in as little as one semester.
  • Learn from top instructors who bring real-world business experience to the classroom.
  • Apply the credits you earn in the bookkeeping program toward the applied accounting associate degree.
  • Get the personal support and advising you need to succeed in your education.

Cost breakdown for the online bookkeeping program

The estimated cost for the bookkeeping technician program based on current rates is $4,575.

See what your dollars go toward on the UAF eCampus Tuition and Fees page.

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Get the hands-on training you need for a successful career in business. Online programs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks emphasize practical career training that will prepare you to hit the ground running in your chosen job. We also provide all online programs at affordable in-state tuition rates for students everywhere.

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QM certifications are valid for five years.

Where leadership begins: Applied business and accounting at UAF

Where leadership begins: Applied business and accounting at UAF

Bookkeeping Jobs

Getting bookkeeping training online at UAF will open the door to a variety of career pathways in business, as well as more advanced business and accounting degrees if you intend to pursue further education.

Explore Classes for the Online Bookkeeping Job Training Program

Coursework for the bookkeeping technician program will develop your knowledge of accounting principles, payroll accounting and accounting software systems. The 15-credit occupational endorsement culminates in a capstone event.

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