Getting Your Ducks in a Row

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Three ducks with books at a college campus
“Three ducks with books at a college campus” prompt, Adobe Firefly, 10 Jan. 2024,

Fall semester is over, holidays are celebrated, and the new year rung in. Now it is time to start catching as many ducks as you can and putting them all in a row. There are lots of steps you can take to make this fresh semester less stressful. Let’s first check up on ducks #1 through #3. 

Reggie Duck

Duck #1 is Registration; let’s name him Reggie. Check in the “Student Services” tab in UAOnline to see if you’re registered for courses. If you don’t see any courses and you’re unsure which classes to take, reach out to your advisor, and they will help you choose. It is always a good idea to set up a meeting with your advisor before each semester. Their input is a good way to ensure you’re taking classes that benefit you and that you won’t overtax your soul with too many credits. 

Bursa Duck

The next duck to row up is the Bursar. Settling your dues before the semester starts is an excellent way to reduce your stress. You can view your balance in the UAOnline Student Services tab and set up a payment plan there. Remember, Bursa Duck here is our stressiest duck, and Bursa Duck’s favorite way to relax is to have someone else pay some of your tuition. So make absolutely sure that you fill out the University of Alaska General Scholarship Application before the February 15th Deadline. 

Yousa Duck

Our last duck is the odd duck out. He’s not necessarily interested in academics or finances; he’s just here to hop in line behind Reggie and Bursa and relax. To make Yousa Duck happy, relax, and take care of yourself. You’ve got a little time left before classes start and the stress sets in–make the best of it. Choose something you enjoy that takes way too much time for you to do later in the semester. Watch an entire trilogy in a single day, or create an art project that you can hang by your desk. If your Bursa Duck is sufficiently relaxed, drive out to Chena Hot Springs and spend an evening watching tourists try to find the aurora. The activity itself isn’t important, choosing one that will make you feel good is important. 

The Row

By finding all your ducks and getting them nicely rowed before the first day of classes, you’re setting yourself up with more free time and energy. Trying to wrangle Reggie Duck when classes have already started is stressful, and Bursa Duck has lots of moving parts between financial aid and payment plans. As we get deeper into the semester, Yousa Duck won’t get the attention he deserves. Taking the time to find a duck to give now will make the following semester easier on your soul.


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