According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM occupations (those related to science, technology, engineering, and math) are expected to grow 8.8 percent by 2028. Earn your Associate of Science degree at UAF and gain a strong foundation of skills for this fast-growing field.

The online Associate of Science degree is a great place to start your college journey and complete the core requirements you’ll need for a bachelor’s degree. Offering a broad-based course of study with an emphasis in the sciences, this program will prepare you for entry-level careers and serve as a stepping stone for a science-related bachelor’s program.

What is an Associate of Science Degree?

An Associate of Science is a two-year degree with a broad curriculum that emphasizes mathematics and natural sciences. This degree provides a strong academic foundation but not specific career training, leaving the door open for a wide range of professional pathways depending on your goals.

Who Is the Online Associate of Science Degree Designed For?

The Associate of Science program is designed for students who want to complete foundational studies that can be applied toward a four-year degree. The degree is also a great starting point for entry-level technical and science-based careers. If your interests are more in the areas of the humanities and social sciences, we also offer an online Associate of Arts degree.

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Why Earn Your Associate of Science Degree Online at UAF?

  • Earn your online Associate of Science degree for in-state tuition at one of the top research universities in the nation.
  • Gain specialized knowledge and training for living and working in Alaska and the circumpolar North.
  • Complete all the core requirements for a bachelor’s degree before declaring a major.

Example projects in the online Associate of Science degree program

UAF’s Associate of Science degree includes innovative labs for biology, chemistry and other sciences, all of which can be completed at home.

What it’s like to earn your degree online at UAF

Offered at in-state tuition for students everywhere, our online degree programs make use of the latest technologies to connect you with faculty, peers and learning experiences in a dynamic virtual classroom. Apply today, or talk with an advisor to find out how to get started.

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Cost breakdown for the online Associate of Science degree

The estimated cost for the Associate of Science program based on current rates is $18,390.

See what your dollars go toward on the UAF eCampus Tuition and Fees page.

Earned Badges

QM certifications are valid for five years.

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Jobs for an Associate of Science Degree

What can you do with an Associate of Science degree? From information technology to healthcare and beyond, there are numerous career pathways available for graduates.

Explore Classes in the Associate of Science Program

Courses for the Associate of Science online degree explore disciplines including mathematics, natural sciences, communication, humanities, and library and information research. If you’re planning to go on to a bachelor’s degree, it’s a good idea to select courses that meet general education requirements and courses designated within bachelor’s degree majors and minors.

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