Staff Spotlight: Chris Beks

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A picture of Chris Beks with a giant bouquet of flowers on his head
Chris modeling a flower crown masterpiece made by his friend

Who has the best laugh in the UAF eCampus office? It’s a tie between Kendell and Chris! He also makes magic happen in your Canvas courses and in the fields of his family’s peony farm in North Pole, Alaska.

Q: What do you do at eCampus?

A: I’m an instructional designer, which means I’m part of the design team at eCampus. My expertise is with learning management systems (LMS). At UAF those are Blackboard and now Canvas, and I provide support and training on using those. I have integrated a number of third-party tools into Canvas like Google Drive, Zoom, etc. In addition to that, I assist faculty with course design.

Q: How do you work with students or how does your work impact students?

A: I usually don’t work directly with students, but I believe my work impacts students indirectly. The online German courses I helped design with one of the German professors were focused on a better student experience in an online course. Based on feedback from students, that was successful!

Q: How can students connect with you?

A pink peony with a bee flying around it
A peony variety called Kansas that Chris and his family grows

A: Students can reach out via email or phone (907) 455-2086.

Q: What do you like about working at UAF eCampus?

A: I really like the team of people I get to work with every day. It’s a very collaborative group, and I really enjoy working with them. We also have a great work-life balance at eCampus. 

Q: What was the best vacation you ever took and why?

A: For several summers, we went to Valdez and took the boat out in Prince William Sound. We went camping on one of the islands and fishing, beach combing, and enjoying the beauty around us. No computer, no phone service — it’s a great break from everything else and a great way to relax and recharge.

Q: What’s the phone app you use the most?

A: I’m a Formula 1 fan, and use their F1 News app a lot, especially during the racing season. Combined with the video app to watch races and highlights, it’s one I use frequently during short downtimes.

A bouquet of pink peonies
A bouquet of pink peonies from Chris’s family farm

Q: Which family member makes the best food?

A: My wife! She makes a lot of my favorite Dutch food and it’s delicious.


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