Writing- & Oral-Intensive Courses

Looking for a writing- (W) or oral-intensive (O) credit to satisfy your program requirements? Here’s a quick list of the courses UAF eCampus offers that fulfill those objectives.

(W) or (O) Course Name
(O) ART/FLM/JRN F371 Digital Imaging
(O) BA F460 International Business
(W) (O) ED F486 Media Literacy
(W) (O/2)* ENGL F314 Technical Writing
(W) ENGL F371 Topics in Creative Writing: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
(W) FLM F334 Movies and Films
(W) HIST F483 20th Century Circumpolar History
(W) (O/2)* HSEM F445 Business Continuity and Crisis Management
(W) HSEM F456 Leadership & Influence During Crisis
(W) JRN F432 Public Relations Techniques
(W) JUST F345 Police Problems
(O) JUST F453 Comparative Criminology
(W) JUST F454 Advanced Problems in Procedural Law
(W) SWK F320 Rural Social Work

* Courses designated as O/2 are only a half oral-intensive credit.

Check the current course listing schedule to see which ones are available.