Online Graduate Degrees at UAF

Degree Programs for Wherever Life Takes You

UAF’s online graduate degree programs are a great way to advance your education and career from home! Our seven programs (each with an incredible amount of flexibility and customizations) are developed to give you a competitive edge in your field.

Master of Arts in Arctic and Northern Studies

More than ever before, research critical to humanity’s survival is taking place in the Arctic. This fully online graduate degree connects you to experts in history, political science, Alaska Native studies, anthropology, English and geography, helping you to become an expert in your chosen concentration. Learn More…

Master of Arts in Justice Administration

Our Master of Arts in Justice Administration is perfect for professionals who are currently employed and want to further their education and skills in a flexible way. The coursework for this degree is current and relevant to your career. You’ll immediately be able to perform your job with a deeper understanding of the justice profession. Learn More…

Master of Business Administration

UAF’s fully online Master of Business Administration program offers two unique concentrations. Both offer flexible course options and are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Take your career to the next level with a top-quality MBA.

Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design

Education is an ever-changing discipline, with new technologies and tools being created every day to help teachers teach students better! Get ahead of the learning curve by earning your Master of Education in Online Innovation and Design. This degree program is designed to give you an understanding of things like digital citizenship, multimedia tools, and instructional design, and give you the tools to apply this knowledge in your classroom or  business setting. Learn more…

Master of Education in Special Education

This is the only online special education program in the nation to earn the Quality Matters’ Online Program Design Certification. Teachers who want to or currently work with students with disabilities will find the perfect program to advance their career at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Choose from five unique online programs, all designed to prepare you for a successful career working with children who have special needs:

Master of Security and Disaster Management

During a crisis, people always need someone to look to for guidance and wisdom of how to manage. The Master of Security and Disaster Management will help you become that leader, with coursework topics ranging from Law and Homeland Security to Community Planning. If you are looking to serve others as a crisis leader, this degree program will prepare you for success. Learn more…


Learn How to Register for an Online Graduate Course

Are you ready to continue your education with an online degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks? Connecting with an advisor is a great way to learn about the application process and get guidance as you begin registration.