Military and Veteran Info

UAF supports military personnel and family members around the world.
UAF's 2016 Military Friendly award and MAET Top Colleges & Universities award for 2016

Active duty and retired military, as well as their families, have access to knowledgeable staff in Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services, and Veterans’ Services, in addition to eCampus Student Services.

Resources and Contact Information for Military Students

UAF currently supports military-affiliated students throughout the country as well as deployed service members. Our online programs offer students time and location flexibility without sacrificing quality curriculum.

UAF has been flexible with my military moves and the professors are understanding of my career. I will be retiring soon and want to be competitive in the job market (I’m really interested in human trafficking and the investigation side of the Justice profession) so plan to continue with my master’s after earning my bachelor’s.

SSG Vanessa Collazo

U.S. Army stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas