Exam Services FAQ

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Does your UAF online course require proctored exams? Do you need to take a CLEP test? UAF eCampus Exam Services is a monitored space for students to take exams. Here are the most common questions about Exam Services. If you don’t see your question, drop us a line at uaf-ecampus@alaska.edu. We’re here to answer!


How do I take proctored exams for my online course at UAF?

Steps for scheduling an proctored exam appointment

  • If you are in Fairbanks:
  • If you are not in Fairbanks:
    • You will need to identify a proctor in advance – we can help you with this!  Usually a school or local library in your area can administer exams.
    • You need to request exam materials at least 7 days prior to your testing date
    • Visit https://ecampus.uaf.edu/exam-services to request your exam materials.


How do I find a proctor if I don’t live in Fairbanks?

  • We recommend that you use a test center near you. If you are not near a test center, college, or university that provides proctoring to students, you will need to look for a proctor.
    • Looking for a proctor: please start with local schools (teachers and admin/student support staff can be proctors), Universities or Community Colleges with exam centers or Test Centers. Another source is the local library. If those don’t work, consider asking your supervisor if you work to proctor your exam.
    • Proctors need to provide a quiet, observable space for you to complete your exams. 
    • If your exam is an online test (versus paper), your proctor needs to provide a computer equipped with Google Chrome for you to take your test. 
    • If your exam is paper-based, a proctor needs to be able to print it out for you and agree to return the completed exam within 24 hours of you finishing it.
  • If you need help finding a proctor, send uaf-testing@alaska.edu your location and surrounding areas (town names, etc.) we will look in our database to see if there is a pre-approved test center near you.

Fellow students, co-workers, sports coaches, friends and family members cannot proctor your exam unless specifically approved by your instructor.


How do placement tests work?

Please see our Math and English Placement page for details.


How will I take exams that are required for graduation?

Departments are working on a plan in conjunction with Graduation Services. If you have not heard anything from your department by the end of the month, contact your department. 


Where can I find more information?

For general information about the Exam Services including types of exams, go to https://ecampus.uaf.edu/exam-services/.


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