Does your UAF online course require proctored exams? Do you need to take a CLEP test? UAF eCampus Exam Services is a monitored space for students to take exams. Students outside of Fairbanks work with eCampus to find exam proctors in their area. Here are the most common questions about Exam Services. If you don’t see your question, drop us a line at We’re here to answer!

How do I find a proctor for my eCampus exams?

Visit to register to take an exam.

  • If you are in Fairbanks:
  • If you are not in Fairbanks:
    • You will need to identify a proctor in advance – we can help you with this!  Usually a school or local library in your area can administer exams.
    • You need to request exam materials at least 7 days prior to your testing date
    • Visit to request your exam materials.

How do placement tests work?

Please see our Math and English Placement page for details.

How will I take exams that are required for graduation?

Departments are working on a plan in conjunction with Graduation Services. If you have not heard anything from your department by the end of the month, contact your department. Graduation Services has extended the deadline for having Library Skills and other CLEP scores on file for spring graduation to June 1st.

What about the course exams in my syllabus?

  • Your instructor should notify you about how your exam format has changed. 
  • Your instructor may require take-home exams or other forms of assessments that were not originally scheduled due to the absence of proctored exams.

Where can I find more information?

For general information about the Exam Services including types of exams, go to