Midsemester To-Do List

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Over 50 students from the Rural Alaska Honors Institute hike the Angel Rocks Trail to Chena Hotsprings as an end of week activity
Over 50 students from the Rural Alaska Honors Institute hike the Angel Rocks Trail to Chena Hotsprings as an end of week activity


Welcome to the middle of the summer semester! You may be halfway through your full summer session classes or just about to finish your first session courses. Don’t forget second session starts July 1! 

So now that you are halfway through, what should you be doing now, if anything? As long as you are logging in and submitting your assignments, you are on track to completing your courses! But if you wanted some additional suggestions, read on.

For classes that start for the second summer session

Do you have any classes that will begin July 1? Be sure to log in to Canvas on the first day! UAF uses Canvas for most eCampus courses (unlike UAA and UAS who use Blackboard). There are very few courses that may be in another learning system. If you are unable to see your course when you log in, please reach out to us at eCampus so we can assist.

Set up proctored exams

Do you have to set up proctored exams for your midterm or finals? You should have details on whether this is a requirement on your syllabus, so be sure to review that or check in with your instructor. Whether you are in Fairbanks or elsewhere, you can find details about how to set up a local proctor on our Exam Services website. Be sure to arrange any local proctors at least a week in advance (but scheduling it now would make the process much smoother and less stressful)!

Access UAF resources for additional support

We have many tutoring and student support services available to you. If you want to get additional assistance in your classes, check out their website to see what support they offer:

Math & Stat Tutoring Lab

Writing Center

Communication Center

Prepare for fall courses

Have you registered for fall courses? While it seems far away, it is not too early to start planning for your fall semester! If you have not yet done so, be sure to schedule an appointment with your advisor to talk about registration for fall. The closer it gets to the fall term (which starts August 26), the less availability your advisor may have. Not sure how to get in touch with your advisor? You may search for them, or feel free to reach out to me  uaf-ecampus-counselor@alaska.edu), and I can let you know how to get in touch with them!


  • Nicole Balazs

    Enrollment Counselor
    Nicole grew up in eastern Nebraska and received a bachelor’s in Animal Ecology Interpretation from Iowa State University. During her time at ISU, she went on a semester exchange to UAF during Spring 2006, and decided to move to Fairbanks for good in the spring of 2008. Nicole started working at UAF in 2012, and earned a Master’s in Applied Linguistics from UAF in 2020. When not working, Nicole enjoys cross country skiing, fat biking, quilting, and spending time with her husband and Bernese Mountain Dog.

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